What is Jo Robin Blog?

Jo Robin Blog is…

a little corner of the internet where I write about embarrassing myself in front of people (everyone), surviving teenager-dom (somehow), #adulting (semi-successfully), being Catholic in a post-modern world (full-time), homeschooling and studying liberal arts in college (vehemently), getting into awkward romantic situations (regretfully)… and a lot of other stuff.

I try to write the sorts of things I want to read — things that would show up for all my failed Google searches like “catholic college student blog” or “embarrassing personal experiences” or “2am conversations with roommates.” I want this to be the blog I never found.

I want to entertain, inform, and connect with real people and personalities. I want a conversation. I want to share my opinions, and hear your opinions, then hear your opinions on my opinions, and share my opinions on yours… and so on. If you’re on Twitter, feel free to chat with me there too.


My first award! Thanks, Hannah Garner!