An Argument For Modesty

(1.4 minute read)

I should get to wear whatever makes me feel cute and confident, and guys should just be taught to respect women.

I’m so tired of hearing variations of this sentence because it says, simultaneously, “I demand respect!” and “I do not demand respect!” Should the excuse “her skirt was short” get someone off the hook for rape? Absolutely, positively, definitely not. In no circumstance is it acceptable for someone to do such violence to another person’s dignity.

However, if you desire respect, you need to communicate that. You have a responsibility to do so. For the same reason that we dress well for job interviews, we should dress well during every day life. Although we can’t control anyone else’s actions, we can make it very clear what we expect their actions to be, and one of the ways we do that is through the clothes we wear.

It’s downright stupid to deny that nudity has any relation to sexual desire. It does. And if you don’t want those kinds of desires directed toward you, then you need to make that very, very, clear.


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