More Finals Week Mishaps

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I didn’t post yesterday. . . you may or may not (probably the latter) have noticed. It’s because finals are upon me. So, here’s what I’ve been doing instead of writing blog posts:

– Falling off horses into frozen piles of horse shit.
– Baking forks into frittatas.
– Cutting Jalapeno peppers without gloves and then coming to the gradual realization that my hands were literally burning from the pepper oil and then frantically trying to cool them off.
– Unintentionally making people cry.
– Accidentally blowing fuses, which accidentally made our heater stop working just in time for the temperature to sink far below 0 degrees.

From a former finals week: this post.


5 thoughts on “More Finals Week Mishaps

  1. Baking forks into Fritattas, that is a post all in and of itself. You go girl; you’ll do fine. Test, we no fear not stinking tests. Oh and I can’t even publish in public a story I have about fress cut pepper oil on a person’s hands. ~~dru~~

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