Making Peace With Being An Artist

(2.2 minute read)

My younger sister is brilliant. When she was 14 she finished up calculus 3. I’m almost 20 and can barely understand algebra.

I do very well in school. But it takes twice the effort it takes most of my friends. It takes twice the time. It’s twice as frustrating.

I’m also an INTJ, and INTJs are supposed to be scientific geniuses. Renowned for their quick minds and analytical skills… I have both, I just can’t seem to apply them to anything “useful.”

I’ve had to accept that maybe I’m not supposed to do something “useful.” I probably won’t have a really high-paying job. And a lot of people will look down on me for that, a lot of people will be disappointed in me, but that’s okay.

Maybe, my role on this planet is just to make it a little more beautiful. And while making things beautiful isn’t the most financially rewarding activity,  it adds other kinds of value to both my own and others’ lives, and I should be humble enough to find fulfillment in that.

I can’t find the cure for cancer. But I can play piano for tired, worn out people, and either bring them to crying or dancing. I can’t get someone out of jail with a thorough knowledge of law and some well-chosen words. But, I can draw a portrait of someone’s new-born, that will be treasured and handed down through generations. There are a million and one things I know I can’t do, and it’s not for lack of trying. But, I can take photographs that will make people see the world in ways they might never have otherwise.

I’m an artist. I have a gift. And that should be enough for me.


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