What Kind of Student Are You?

(1.5 minute read)

Because we all love to stereotype ourselves.

The Phantom: Even when we do see The Phantom at social gatherings, within the blink of an eye he’ll vanish into seemingly thin air. Most of us have never actually seen him, but only hear the rumors about this straight-A student.

The Black Sheep: Very daring. A little weird. Always has a sketchy place to go or something new to do. Edgy and makes everyone around him push their boundaries.

The Traditionalist: The opposite of the black sheep. This one lives in the times of Jane Austin and will wear a hoop skirt to every Halloween event ever.

The Band Shirt: Probably a little melancholy, and a lot artistic. Rarely leaves home without a good set of headphones (or two) and seems to have memorized every lyric ever.

The Therapist: This is the friend every other friend goes to when they’re having mid-semester (or mid-day) crises. They’re exceptionally intuitive and somehow have the patience to help all these people with their problems.

The Role-Player: Quirky, imaginative, and spontaneous. He’ll disappear for hours at a time into mystical mythical words to escape the harsh reality of deadlines.



One thought on “What Kind of Student Are You?

  1. As a student, I was the kind that never studied but got most of it right. Now I’m the kind that can study and study and seldom get anything right….I can’t even find the answer or for that matter the question; let alone get it right. ~~dru~~

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