The Lifestyle Blogger I Won’t Be

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I still don’t know how to categorize my blog. I’ve been told that the best thing to do is write, and eventually you’ll start noticing patterns in your topics. I thought for a while, maybe it will turn out to be a lifestyle blog… and yesterday, I decided it won’t.

On Pinterest I keep seeing lists of lifestyle blog post topics… topics like “10 Things You Don’t Know About Me,” or “My Morning Routine,” or “My Perfect Day.” Honestly, I wouldn’t read a post with any of those titles, so I won’t spend my time writing posts like those. This isn’t to diss anyone who is an avid lifestyle blogger, it’s just not the kind of blogger I’m prone to being; I’m no more prone to reading a lifestyle blog than I am to reading a rocket science blog.

I’m not interested in blow-by-blow updates of strangers’ personal lives… I’m interested in their experiences, and their ideas. I want to hear about bucket lists, and childhood memories, and worries, and hopes, and favorite books, and newest hobbies. I want to hear about the funny thing that happened at the coffee shop, or the different perspective you have on something and what changed it. I want to hear something that might change my life a little… my morning routine will probably stay the same, no matter how many posts I read about skin care and unique alarm clocks. What might change, however, is how I approach a stranger on the street, or where my priorities lie, or what goals I accomplish in the next five years.

I guess sometimes the first step to deciding what you want to be, is to decide what you don’t want to be.

(P.S. Sorry for the late post… the sophomore class hosted my college’s Halloween dance last night so I was super busy!)


One thought on “The Lifestyle Blogger I Won’t Be

  1. Hi Call Me Jo Robin,
    You sound like a new blogger. If so, congratulations on starting your blog.
    I help new bloggers at my site. You might already know since you were kind enough to drop by the other day and like my post about how to make money with your blog. I hope it wasn’t overwhelming. I really do have tips at my site for all experience levels.
    I read what you wrote, and I wanted to tell you that I also started as a lifestyle blogger, so I can relate to trying to figure out the kind of blogger I did and did not want to be. Thanks again for the recent visit to my blog.

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