What To Put In Your College Care Package

(1.6 minute read)

At my school, every time the mail comes in students gather around to “ooh” and “ah” over other students’ care packages. It’s quite the event, and a care package has never gone unappreciated. If you’d like to send a college student not-so-near-you a care package, you can’t go wrong with…

  • Food. Not just sugary treats and salty snacks, but real food, or as close to real as you can get and still ship it. Things like jerky, beef sticks, dried fruit, and high quality chocolate are all great options; they’re more expensive, but even if you end up sending less food, I promise you it will be greatly appreciated.
  • Pens. Pens dry up, get lost, or never really worked in the first place. G-2s and Pilots seem to be especially coveted at my school.
  • Trinkets. An extra phone charger, a bunk bed over-the-rail organizer, or clip-on book light will never be scoffed at.
  • Gift cards. My favorite is a visa gift card because it can be used anywhere. Even $10 can allow a college student to treat themself, and it’s not just the gift of an item, but of an experience.
  • Heart-felt letters. Snail mail is not over-rated. A hand-written letter will be read over and over by the stressed out college student, trust me.

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