What NOT To Bring To College

(2.4 minute read)

Last year when I was preparing for my first semester away at college, I spent hours looking for “What To Bring” lists, and it seemed like all of them claimed to be the “ultimate” list. All of those lists had basically the same items as well, and all of them were fairly useless to me in the end; I knew what I needed on a daily basis, and a blog post wasn’t going to change those needs. What I wish I did have was someone to tell me not to bring so much stuff that I didn’t need! So, dear freshmen, this is that post.

Don’t bring:

  • Your entire wardrobe. I know you’re thinking about making a good first impression and expressing yourself to all those new people, but in the end you’ll wish you didn’t have as much laundry to do, probably wear the same 10 comfortable outfits anyway, and have the extra burden and figuring out where to store those extra boxes clothes at the end of the year.
  • Decorations. Well, not too many at least. There’s a lot of hype about having the perfectly decorated dorm room, and it seems fun and exciting to have your own space, but you’ll probably wish you had less clutter to work around on cleaning days, and didn’t have to pull all those nails out of the walls later. I would suggest to bring, however, anything that provides extra lighting, has sentimental value, or helps you organize in any way (colored mason jar pencil holders, for example).
  • Your hobbies. Honestly, you won’t have time. Crocheting, drawing, painting, crafts… any free time will be spent studying, out and about, or staring at the ceiling having an existential crisis, trust me. If you do bring a hobby, bring something interactive that includes other people, like a strategy game or a volleyball. You’re much more likely to actually use it!

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