19 Years: Snippets of Quasi-Wisdom

(2.2 minute read)

Common-sense learned the hard way:

  • Don’t walk away from any situation that will leave you asking “what if?” for the rest of your life. It’s better to be disappointed and embarrassed than to never have closure.
  • Notice when someone isn’t good for you, and be able to let that person go.
  • Don’t make anyone your project. You cannot ‘fix’ another person.
  • If you stumble upon an opportunity that you probably won’t stumble upon again, drop everything and take it.
  • Don’t share personal information too quickly.
  • Never trust anyone 100% – even if someone’s intentions are completely in the right place, they will still fail sometimes because they’re human.
  • There are people who derive joy from seeing others in pain – be careful.
  • Trust your gut feeling. Always. Intuition is an incredible thing.
  • Don’t hang on to someone who isn’t hanging on to you.
  • Don’t be embarrassed to go to someone for support, or comfort, or a hug.
  • Every minute spent is a minute you will never get back – spend it wisely.
  • Don’t ‘save’ everything – the fancy stationery, the scented lotion, the cute dress – life is short.
  • Do crazy things now – dye your hair purple, wear neon socks, stay up until 7am then go to sleep when the sun comes up – you won’t be young forever.
  • Love is sacrifice, but don’t sacrifice so much of yourself that there’s nothing left, and don’t do it for someone who doesn’t appreciate it.
  • Don’t give up your relationships for ‘success’ – when you’re sick your friends will take care of you, your career won’t.
  • Talk to older people, and visit nursing homes frequently – they will have an immeasurable amount of gratitude as well as wisdom to share with you.
  • Eat good food whenever you have the chance.

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