When To “Break Up” With A Friend

(2.5 minute read)

You have some people in your circle of friends who you’re not sure should stay there. You’re also in denial of your doubt however, because letting a friend go, even when they’re dragging you down, is a hard thing to do. You even feel a little guilty because there have been some really good moments… even though you know they don’t outweigh the bad ones.

“Breaking up” with friends is something you will have to do, whether you like it or not, to continue growing. Some people just do not deserve a place in your life; even if they used to, they may not now. You may not update your relationship status, but breaking up with friends is real, and it is okay, and it is necessary. If you answer “no” to these questions, chances are it’s time to make a tough decision.

  • Is this person making you a better person?
  • Does this person make you laugh, and smile, and genuinely happy?
  • Does this person pay attention to you when they don’t need a favor or someone to dump their emotional baggage on?
  • Is this person consistent in how they treat you?
  • Does this person have traits like motivation and determination that will keep them moving ahead (with you!) in life?
  • Does this person give you more encouragement than criticism?
  • Is this person there for you when you need him/her, and not only when you’re useful?
  • Does this person encourage you to follow your dreams and achieve your goals, even when they might be a disadvantage to him/her in some way?
  • Does this person play a prominent role in your best memories?
  • Does this person keep you on the straight and narrow instead of dragging you into dangerous or illegal situations because they think it’s fun?
  • Does this person always remember to bring crispy tacos with extra cheese and that one kind of salsa you like when they visit your house?

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