19: Living Alone For The First Time

(3 minute read)

I was always excited for the day I had an apartment, or a house, all to myself. Kind of anxious, but still excited. Here’s what I’ve taken from spending a summer alone:

  1. Be as messy (or as clean!) as you want.
  2. Your schedule is YOUR schedule. You don’t have to ask for anyone’s permission to do anything, and you can stay up as late, or get up as early, as you want. You also don’t have to wake up at 4am just because your roommate set their obnoxious alarm for the crack of dawn.
  3. Bring home whoever you want. If someone is there, it’s because you want them there. And if someone isn’t there, it’s because you don’t want them there. Have a spa night with your BFF, or make dinner with your BF… no one will mind.
  4. Privacy! Sing in the shower, loudly. Dance around in your PJs. Play scenarios that will probably never actually happen through your head, and don’t worry about looking like a psycho because your face is making expressions for seemingly no reason.
  1. When you’re not feeling well, you’re on your own. I’ve learned to keep things like ibuprofen, ice packs, and band-aids in convenient places where I can find them quickly and easily. Another piece of advice for fellow migraine-sufferers: don’t forget to have your medication with you at all times. Carry them in your pocket or purse and keep some on your bedside table, along with a trash bag in case you get nauseous.
  2. Storms & creepy noises… are even creepier when you can’t investigate them with someone else. There were many times this summer when I would call up a friend and have them on the phone while I checked something out, or I wished someone was there to hide in the closet with me when there was a chance of a tornado whipping through. Tip: it really helps to have cats. Cats are making all kinds of noises, all the time, so you end up blocking them out. Cats also pick up on strange things faster than we do, so if they’re not concerned, usually things are alright.
  3. It does get lonely. Especially after spending the last year in college dorms, it was weird to get back at the end of the day and not have anyone to share it with.

2 thoughts on “19: Living Alone For The First Time

  1. I agree with all the pros and the cons for me aren’t so much of a problem. I’m a medical doctor so I’m always prepared, I’m partially deaf so noises don’t worry me and I love storms with lots of lightning and rumbling thunder. Social media has fixed my loneliness problem too!

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