Social Etiquette, As Learned From Horses

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Use these pro tips in any social situation to improve communication:

If you don’t like someone, stomp on his feet to send a clear message.

If you don’t want to go somewhere, run in circles around your captor to make traveling in any direction (but especially forward) impossible.

If you do like someone, rub your face on him until you knock him to the ground.

If you want to make a friend, walk up to him, smell him, and stare at him intensely until he acknowledges your presence by scratching your nose.

Slobbering on someone is the ultimate sign of affection.




10 thoughts on “Social Etiquette, As Learned From Horses

  1. So, (I think I’ll call you JoRobin) you’re a Pro now huh? Good for you.

    I once and only once rode a horse and she and I kept up with the real riders cuz she seemed to like me even though I didn’t know how to steer her. She and I managed to push our way thru to the tequila bottle every time I wanted it passed to me and when a semi-riot broke out in our midst…nothing like a bunch of drunks, most that also have never been on a horse, spending 2 hours each way to ride to a Mexican Restaurant and back, to cause a riot; she….bless her little horsey heart…took me back to the “Ranch” without a guide…post riot.

    I’d remembered reading that horses know their way home and when I got seperated…due to the riot…from the group; i just loosened my hold on the reins and said “Home James” and we were the first couple (me and my horse) back.

    I wanted to put her in a taxi and take her home with me immediately. Before the A-hole that took me to this idiotic event came out of the Hollywood Hills but I couldn’t find a taxi. And, after four hours horse back I couldn’t walk either…..FOR DAYS! Never been on a horse before and NEVER WILL AGAIN, but I like their etiquette.


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