But I CAN’T Choose!: How To Overcome Indecisiveness

(2.2 minute read)

If indecisiveness was a competitive sport, I would have been an Olympic champion. Finally I became so frustrated with other people being frustrated with me because of this short-coming, I had to fix it. When it’s that difficult to make every-day decisions, not only are you just generally miserable, but it is also impossible to face decisions that will affect you for the rest of your life… and you can’t just avoid them.

So, for every decision I’ve had to make, I’ve asked myself these questions. And I do mean, every decision, no matter how small… even a simple one like, “To buy, or not to buy this smoothie?” That might seem ridiculous, but if making decisions is a struggle, start with the seemingly meaningless ones so that this process becomes second nature.

  1. Will I have a chance to do this again? (if not, go do it)
  2. Can I afford it? This does not mean after I’ve payed for a new laptop, and gone on a shopping spree with the girls this weekend. It means, it I’m very conservative with my spending, and this matches my priorities (i.e. I try to spend on experiences instead of things)… then can I afford it? (if yes, then do it)
  3. Will I remember this when I’m old, gray, and my knees don’t work any more? Or maybe when I’m having a mid-life crisis and wondering what I’ve done with my life all these years? (if you might, then do it)
  4. Does this negatively affect friends or family? (if not, then do it)

Another benefit of this process is it makes you hyper-aware of how you’re choosing to spend your time, and that every minute spent is a minute you’ll never get back… so spend it wisely! 


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