Utterly Destroy the Little Miseries of Camping

(2.6 minute read)

I love camping, I really do. But even the most enthusiastic camper can turn sour when cold, wet, disorganized, and hungry. Here are a few simple tricks to make your camping trip a little more luxurious.

  1. Sacred socks: have an extra pair of wool socks carefully stowed away in a plastic bag. These socks must remain clean and absolutely dry. These are the socks that will make you smile after hiking for 6 hours through prickly grass and slushing through rivers. These are the socks you will sleep in. These are the socks that will surpass the ability of a cup of coffee to brighten your outlook on life.
  2. Backpack pillow: sleeping bags leave a lot to be desired, particularly a built-in pillow. We’ve all woken up with stiff necks, or our arms completely asleep because we curled them up under our heads in an attempt to be a little more comfortable. Solution: stuff your extra layers in the bottom of your backpack, and use that as a pillow. Problem solved.
  3. Hand warmers: these little chemical heating packets are easily found at drug stores and super markets. Yes, I know… pack it out, pack it in, leave no trace, etc. etc. but seriously these things are worth it, and won’t add much bulk to your pack.
  4. Toilet paper: again, I realize you will have to pack it in and pack it out (tp was pretty much banned on my camping trips… but I snuck it anyway because it’s just that worth it), but you will be so very happy to have brought good old toilet paper when all you can find as an alternative are pine cones and seeding grasses.
  5. Bug net: cooking a delicious dinner that also caught the attention of all the insects within a 500 mile radius? Getting more protein from swallowing gnats and mosquitoes than from eating your summer sausage? Get a nifty, nerdy green bug net to put over your head and save yourself a lot of profanity and frustration.



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