What This Thing Will Tell You About This Other Completely Unrelated Thing

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Here’s what your opinion of Donald Trump says about your dating life (collegecandy.com).

We Know When You’ll Poop Next Based On Your Choice Of Coffee (Buzzfeed).

We Know The First Letter Of Your Name Based On Your Taste In Men (Buzzfeed).

Those are real quiz titles I’ve seen today. One thing you’ll notice is how the first half of the title is totally related to the second half. Just like the following quiz titles, which are my brain children, and which all those mind-readers out there can feel free to adopt.

Discover whether you’re going to heaven or hell, based on how many cats you own.

We know your greatest pet peeve based on how many pterodactyls have flown by your window in the last hour.

Can we guess your height based on how many times you’ve cried in the last week because no one loves you and you’re going to die alone?

Here’s what your seasonal allergy symptoms say about your kissing style.


2 thoughts on “What This Thing Will Tell You About This Other Completely Unrelated Thing

  1. Your blog article is hilarious. I’ve seen several real quiz and purported-personality-profile titles and they are truly nonsense. It’s like Cosmopolitan or whatever other rag people read- take this quiz to find out if you’re ________, except now they’re online clickbait because you are already convinced you are and they confirm your self-loathing or whatever. And then they ask you if it’s ok to put on your facebook page, ffs! I don’t take those quizzes and I don’t have a fakebook account where i brag about my predilections and indiscretions.

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