But We’re Looking at the Same Moon

Withdrawals. Family withdrawals. Friend withdrawals. Boyfriend withdrawals.

When you’re away from loved ones, you can always look up and think, “We’re still under the same moon and same stars. In fact, they might be looking at the moon right now, at the same time that I am. How crazy is that? Maybe I should call and see.” I don’t know how recognizing that a ridiculously massive object (suspended in the sky 238,900 miles away from you) is in both your line of sight, and the line of sight of those you miss, but it does. And I also don’t know why it’s so heart-warming to think that someone you miss might be doing the same thing as you, miles and miles and miles away, but it is.

I just heard from my roomie, and discovered that she had a bout of sorrow last night. She slipped into a dark place just before bed, and she couldn’t reach out, although she thought about it (as evidenced by her messaging me this morning). The funny thing is, last night just as I was about to sleep, I found my dark place too. I nearly called her, but I didn’t. And now, I wish I did.



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