Will Proofread for Re-Blog

I have a proposition. . . I will proof-read your post in exchange for a re-blog. You might not think you have errors, but I bet you do; the cleaner your writing is, the more attractive it will be to readers.

As I scroll through my Reader, I click out of blog post after blog post because I can’t handle the verbosity, poor sentence structure, and overwhelming grammar errors. Before enduring a rigorous (sometimes hellish) Trivium class at college this past year, not only did those errors escape my notice, but if I did notice, they didn’t bother me. However, after being trained by someone who’s been a professional editor and writer his entire life, I notice. Little things like saying “that” instead of “who,” or using 7 words where you could make your point clearer with 3, or mismatched tenses, or using passive voice, or comma splices, or saying “your” instead of “you’re,” or sentences which go on for what should have been a paragraph (like this one), make posts unbearable to read.

If you’re interested, please click the “contact” tab and shoot me an email. I’m more than happy to do this, and not only am I helping the blogosphere, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to keep my editing skills sharp!



9 thoughts on “Will Proofread for Re-Blog

  1. What a great idea! I have a new follower that was a proofreader professionally. She was amazed at how grammatically correct I was. That’s made me read slower and proof read myself more and more. It would be interesting if you could find an error in my current post. But what does happen is I will decided to re-word something and then mess the sentence up!

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