Finding Out You’re In The Wrong Major

There is one 100% fail-safe way to not choose the wrong major.

Employers will seek you out specifically. When you have exceptional communication (both vocal and written) skills, leadership running through your veins, and grammar and speech suitable for the most refined business person, who wouldn’t? And on top of that, you also have a distinct, nurtured creativity which can solve almost any problem, and which often leads to new innovations. You can discuss eloquently the subjects of history, philosophy, social issues, mathematics, science, and almost any other subject randomly introduced to a conversation. Your brain is a finely oiled logic machine, and you can think on your own, on your feet, more clearly than your competition can. You also have the disposition and habits to learn any new skill quickly and then use it efficiently. You can pursue any career you want, and employers will be looking for you specifically… because you are a liberal arts major.

Most of us don’t know what we want to do with the rest of our lives right out of high school, and most of us who think we know, actually don’t. That is okay. My best advice for you is to enroll in a classical liberal arts program; you’ll be exposed to things you didn’t even know existed, become a more well-rounded person, have some time to learn to adult, have a chance at a lot of different internships, and also have marketable skills that most people who go into career-specific majors don’t have. And, no rule exists that says you can’t take on career-specific studies afterward… you just won’t have to jump from one career-specific study to another when you find out you picked the wrong major.


One thought on “Finding Out You’re In The Wrong Major

  1. Damn good advice! Took some time for me to fall in love with my chosen major – who am I kidding – it took years in the profession to realize it was the right fit! And hey, thanks for the follow!

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