Home… Where the Buffalo Roam

Did I grow up on a farm? No. Have I ever been on a farm? Nope. Do I know anything about agriculture? Less than nothing. But that’s not going to keep me from spending the whole summer on a bison ranch away from friends, family, and literally everything I’m familiar with!

There are deer, and antelope, and buffalo. There are prairie dogs, and snakes, and foxes. There are horses, and dogs, and cats, and also chickens (chickens are literally the dumbest animals I’ve ever seen).

There are sunrises (I assume, since I can never drag myself out of bed that early), and there are cotton candy sunsets. There are grasslands that look like vast green oceans when the wind blows (which is almost constantly). There are incredibly bright blue skies, and the lightest clouds you’ve ever seen (except during that 5 minutes of torrential downpour we had).

I had an amazing opportunity to intern on a ranch this summer… and no, I don’t know anything about ranches, but isn’t that the perfect reason to give it a try?


One thought on “Home… Where the Buffalo Roam

  1. Hey Jo:

    Doing something you’ve never done is an adventure and should be shared. Learning is always fulfilling and yaddah yaddah yaddah but I take exception to one of your statements; Chickens are NOT the dumbest animals…well fowl…that exist, obviously you’ve never seen a mess of turkeys. They will open their mouths and look up to the sky, when it rains, and DROWN!

    No shit, I dated a guy whose father owned a turkey ranch.

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