My Big Fat Psycho Roommate

A Punk’s Worst Nightmare: Rooming With Princess Peach & Roommate: How To

While I unloaded mismatched socks into my drawer, she hung up watercolor pictures of cupcakes and bright blue paper lanterns. I pinned album cover artwork from my favorite bands above my top bunk, and she gently placed a music box and solar-powered butterfly on her dresser. She wouldn’t stop talking, I wouldn’t say much. I was nearly six feet tall, she was nearly five. I said poe-tay-toe, she said no he’s green beans (click here). It got so bad… that we’re rooming together next year too.

Yup. After spending the first 72 hours loathing each other, eventually Luisa and I decided we couldn’t live without each other and picked two other roommates to share our apartment with. One of your fears might be of hating your roommate; maybe you have different schedules, maybe she’s way more into boys and partying than you, maybe she talks in her sleep and snores like an elephant. Although there are definitely some poor pairings, you might also find your best friend, so don’t worry too much.

Unless your roommate is actually a psycho, I suggest giving it some time and giving her a chance. Here are three tips to try to connect with your roommate:

  1. Open up. Part of our problem was seeing each other as rivals after coming from families where sibling rivalry was everywhere. She was bitter about being roomed with a girl who was often the main topic of freshman guys’ conversations, and I was bitter about being roomed with a spoiled, sickeningly sweet little bundle of California joy. Some tough days came though, and little by little when we needed someone to confide in, we had to turn to each other. We found that we had a lot in common–worries, fears, experiences, and self-perception.
  2. Compromise. One of our conflicts was that she’s neat and I’m… definitely not. Instead of constantly nagging me to clean the apartment, or me retaining all of my messy ways, she asked me to clean just a bit each evening to keep the mess controlled, and I put extra effort into making time to wash the dishes.
  3. Make time. Your life will get busy, but make sure that at the end of the day you have time for each other. There will be deadlines, events, guys, and pending mental breakdowns to try to monopolize your time, but some of the best memories and funniest moments will be the nights you spend chatting on the couch until absurd hours of the morning.

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