Dating Material, On A Scale Of Green Bean To Vanilla Ice Cream

The new and approved system of rating the male counterpart of the human race.

My roommate, Luisa, and I invented this system while satisfying a case of the munchies at about 3am and complaining about our love lives.

You know what, some guys are like green beans, they are green, not very substantial, supposedly healthy, and you just put them on the side of you plate and stare at them. You know deep down they’re good and full of vitamins and stuff, but at the end of the meal, they’ll still be sitting on your plate.

Then, there are guys like vanilla ice cream. They’re sweet, simple, gentle, attractive, and off limits. Because they are going to go to seminary. And becoming priests.

Also, you have roast beef, the good attractive men who already have girlfriends.

And mashed potatoes– those who are not your first choice but are definitely not your last either.

Now what would you call those who you are not sure about, those who have potential, and you will keep in mind, but still you are a bit hesitant of?

I know, we will call them liver.


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