Rising Sophomore

Freshman year has officially ended, and just 33 credits later, I know exactly what I want to do with my life!

(Not really).

We’re always waiting for the next big thing, the next landmark, the next milestone, the next unforgettable experience, the next earth-shattering realization, when we’ll finally have our shit together. And, a whole year of college life away from my family in a completely new and unexplored environment later, I’m still waiting for that moment; if you’re a high school senior looking for that moment somewhere in freshman year like I was… you’ll be waiting too.

But that’s okay! Because I did learn a lot, and if I ever got to the point where I didn’t need to learn any more life would not only be anxiety-free but also hecka boring (Cliche, I know. All the cliches.).

I had a lot of expectations for my first year at college; books and movies drum it up to be one of the best years of your entire life. Not all of my dreams came true, but some came true that I didn’t even wish for to begin with.

Over the summer I’ll be sharing a lot of stories and advice based on my freshman year experience. Just before I went to college I tried to find all the blogs I could on college life so I could not only be prepared, but also quiet my insatiable and impatient curiosity by playing scenarios through my head and daydreaming about the next four years… and there was very little to find.


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