Things Girls with Guy Friends Are Tired of Hearing

Since kindergarten, all of my friends have been guys except for one. Here are some things I’m tired of hearing.

Do you like him?

Does he like you?

Are you dating?

Keep it PG guys.

Don’t leave them alone together.

You would be such a cute couple.

Why aren’t you guys together?

Do you ever hold hands? Have you kissed yet? Why not?

Oh so you’re just friends? Or are you just friends? ;)

Is that your brother? Oh it’s not? Well is that your boyfriend?

She’s such a slut.

I can’t (anything friends would normally do)  with you, (group of other friends) will think we’re going out.

Moral of the story – don’t make assumptions, don’t make it awkward, don’t make us miserable. Thanks.


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