Body Positivity

You know I won’t be no stick figure silicone Barbie doll.

Go ‘head and tell them skinny b-tches that.

That doesn’t sound like body positivity to me.

Wow, I never pegged you as the athletic type. Or the outdoors type. Or the eating type.

You should know that this job requires a lot of physical activity. Bending, walking, standing, lifting. We might have to assign you to a shift with one of the guys.

Don’t spike the volleyball to her, you might hurt her! What were you thinking??

It’s sad, really. That being thin is associated with weakness and illness. That people will typify me as timid, incapable, or fragile because I’m small in stature. As someone who has played sports and been passionate about challenging outdoor activities all of her life… it’s disappointing.

Let’s rethink body positivity. Rethink whether that’s what Meghan Trainor’s oh-so-popular song is all about. Rethink how we interact with people on a daily basis. Instead of encouraging people to look a certain way, how about we encourage people to be healthy… and encourage them to accept whatever healthy makes them look like.


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