The Smell of Old Books

You know of my quest for curiosity. Recently this quest led me down a path of poetry. When I was homeschooled, I was required to memorize and recite poems and passages… why shouldn’t I now?

During my time surfing the internet for old and familiar classics I stumbled upon a poem called “The Poet’s Apology” which I have never seen before. It’s from a book by Robert Browning, written by one of his characters, Aristophanes. It’s rather intriguing, although I don’t yet actually know what it’s about… I’ll share some links once I get that far…

“The Poet’s Apology” was published in the 1890’s. This further intrigued me because I have a certain fascination with old books – their rough feel, their sun-tinted pages, their unique character, artistry, smell. If you have ever wondered what time smells like, it smells like old books. I immediately went searching for a hardcopy of the prose, and located one that was printed in 1899. However, I had a few questions to ask the seller before purchasing it. Among those questions was “Does your book smell good?”

This post is in acknowledgement of the fact that I did realize before I sent the email… that’s a really weird, probably not socially-acceptable question to ask :D


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