Bucket List

I like lists. A lot. And goals. And timelines. And plans. But you already know that. A bucket list is more than just a list though, I think.

I’ve had this in my room for a while now, just a simple DIY where I can clip notes of all the things I want to do eventually. On some days it amounts to so much more though. It reminds me of what inspires me. On bad days it reminds me of why I should look forward to tomorrow, or if I can’t look forward to tomorrow it reminds me of why I should get through it and look forward to the days after that. I’ve had the chance to check some things off my bucket list, and those post-its bring back lot of good memories just at a glance.


All you need are a few push-pins, some yarn or twine, mini binder clips, a handful of post-it notes, and a little time to day-dream.


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